Nanokeratin Hair Treatment

Glossy, lustrous locks are something that many women can only dream of –  until now that is. A new treatment, which ‘nourishes hair from the inside out’, claims to banish frizz for up to 12 weeks.
The Nanokeratin system claims to bring hair back to its optimum health by deeply penetrating the smallest hair fibres, leaving straight, frizz-free locks in its place.
But does it work and is it really worth shelling out £150 for? FEMAIL sent Catherine Smith, 26, from Worcestershire, who likens her natural locks to those of a lion, to test it out.

‘Ever since I was a toddler, my hair has been wild,’ says Catherine. ‘My friends called me a troll because of the fizzy state of my locks, which really got me down.’

As she entered her teenage years – and discovered straighteners – Catherine would spend hours laboriously taming her hair.

‘I have to wash it every day without fail and then spend over an hour using treatment oils, blow drying it in a specific section method before straightening it,’ she said.
Catherine would have to go over the same piece of hair several times with her GHDs to make it sleek.
However she says she was never the proud owner of glossy, smooth locks and as soon as the weather turned humid or it rained, her hair would frizz up all over again.

We sent Catherine to Toni & Guy to trial the reformulated Nanokeratin system, which promises to reduce blow-drying time by 80 per cent and increase shine and smoothness.
So how does the two-hour treatment work? First Catherine’s hair was washed with a clarifying shampoo to give it a deep cleanse, and then a distinctive formula was applied onto Catherine’s hair packed with hand-selected vitamins and essential oils.

The formula is designed to deeply penetrate into the smallest fibres to activate the inner hair cortex and create a shield against environmental elements – including UV rays and other aggressors. It promises to leave locks smoother, conditioned and – most importantly – healthy from within.

So what did Catherine think? ‘It has honestly changed my life,’ she said a month on from having the treatment. ‘It has cut hours out of my daily routine as I don’t necessarily have to wash it every day and if I do, I don’t have to sit blow-drying and straightening it just to look semi-decent.  ‘It feels so much healthier and super glossy, plus, it lifted my highlights, too. I literally feel like a new woman.’

Take a look at video below.

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Article credit: Daily Mail Online

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